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Ok, its FINALLY here, the Fifth OFFICIAL NJQUAKE LAN PARTY! <insert applause here>

Click the links for more info if you need it.

ABOUT:         A little history behind the NJQuake Lanparties  like you care!!

WHEN:         Friday,  June 8 thru Sunday, June 10, 2001      Thats right, 3 days of "Fun Filled Fragging" !! (patent pending)

WHERE:       Hall located at Green-fields Vol Fire Company,  31 Budd Blvd., West Deptford, NJ 08096

COST:           A mere $25.00 for a 3 day weekend of fun! What a bargain!

LODGING:  You can bring a sleeping bag and pull up some floor if you like, or for the more civilized among us, there
                       is a hotel nearby. like you really plan on SLEEPING?

SIGNUP!:     Signups are CLOSED!

WHO:            Here is a list of who is coming so far

RENTALS:     No Rentals for this event, Sorry :(

GAMES:        Here's some of the mods/games we'll be playing (Coming Soon!)

WHAT:          If you've never attended a LAN party before, this is what you need to bring.

SPONSORS:  These companies are helping to sponsor NJQ5. Please support them!


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