Sign ups are limited!!!

Finally! a North Jersey lan party!

May 08, 1999
Due to circumstances beyond my control, the times of the lan party have been changed from 1pm to 1am to 10 am to 10 pm of may 22.
The hall has changed these times.. however i really don't know why... but we don;t have much choice..we MIGHT be able to stay later but we MUST be out by midnight at the absolute latest.
Sorry for any inconvience.
April 29, 1999
OK, the Attendees list is up to date as of now. Anyone who signed up and is NOT on the list, please let us know ASAP.
Signups are almost full, and the LAN is still 3 weeks away. If you are within driving distance of North Jersey and you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?
March 24, 1999
Woo it's finally finished. I called the hall and the date requested is all ok and everything is cool.

There's 45 slots to fill, so get those requests in. I will only hold space for those who sign up, whether paid or not.
March 21, 1999
Well peeps, this is it. This is the begining of the page. I'll be working on it as it goes, hopefully haivng up by the end of the week. It might get moved, stay posted.

I was at the hall today and I checked everything out.There's plenty of power and space is no prob at ALL.